Friday, November 27, 2009

Family Bible Verses

I've been delaying this memorisation for a while, purely because I didn't know where to start. Then I found "Our Together - Time Bible" by Gwen Ellis which has 52 Bible devotions, with verses, activities, discussion and a short prayer for each. So we've started at the beginning:

After we learnt this one, we went to explore the animals and birds at a local nursery -but most had left:( Still, we enjoyed the time together!

To celebrate learning this verse, I taught Chloe and Declan how to do handpainted chocolates. I use to do these as gifts when I was in upper primary and highschool and still have a lot of moulds; 'though some have become quite brittle with age. We only used white chocolate and gel colours which Mum gifted me with recently (thanks again, Mum). (I can easily leave white chocolate;)!)
The verses are proving to be a bit long for Declan, so I use the devotion and discussion that goes with them for him, while Chloe and I keep each other accountable for learning the verse and reference. Gary's a bit snowed under at present, but I'm sure he'll join in as soon as he can - it was a joint decision to hide God's Word in our family's hearts.

This was a helpful verse for our third week, especially with Christmas around the corner. We have a certain 5 year old who is quite preoccupied with gifts this year - the receiving of predominantly. He has now come up with an idea of a gift to GIVE his older sister. Also, the kids are being encouraged at kids' time to share their pocket money to raise $15 for a pair of crtches for an overseas child who can't walk - they're nearly there:) Chloe is really excited at this - perhaps we could persue this with "Gifts of Compassion" or something similar.
We're going to celebrate by doing some more chocolates; the kids can eat 2 and give the rest away.

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